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ALPHA DOG - Paul Rathe

Paul is a long-time Chicago resident and pet companion. Paul spent a brief period in southern California where he experienced and enjoyed a new breed of dog wash services – with friendly "people" tubs that allowed for a more open and friendly environment. The dogs loved it. The companions had great conversation. Paul decided that this was exactly what Chicago needed. Upon his return, he set about recreating that experience with a unique Chicago flavor.

TOP DOG - Kevin Richardson

Kevin is a transplant to Chicago. He’s more familiar with constant sun of California and just jumping into his car for just about everything. What he’s discovered in Chicago is that people like to avoid driving: the weather isn’t always great for driving and most neighborhoods provide exactly what you need. “So why are there no dog or cat services for Uptown or South Loop residents??!!” Upon his arrival in Chicago, Kevin set about working with Paul to provide a washing facility, grooming service and retail products store to serve the needs of Uptown residents, as well as neighboring Edgewater, Andersonville and Lakeview and now, as well, the South Loop.

CTO - Lucy

Lucy is our CTO, or Chief Toy Officer. A 16-year old miniature American Eskimo, Lucy makes sure that every dog toy we sell is inviting for you and your companion. And if it has a squeaky, even that much better! Lucy can no longer see with her eyes, but that does not stop her. She is active, investigates everything, and is completely at ease just hanging out alone.

CQC - Bart

Bart is our CQO, or Chief Quality Officer. Bart, a small Standard American Eskimo, joined us as a rescue dog in January of 2005.  His initial assignment was temporary, but he was soon offered (and accepted) a permanent position. Approximately 3 years old, he takes great pride in assuring the quality of ANY treat provided by Soggy Paws.  If your dog happens to think s/he doesn't like something, Bart will show him how mistaken s/he is!


Chuck joins us from an unknown past but was recently with the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago.  While still quite skittish of anything involving the outdoors, Chuck is happy to announce your arrival to Soggy Paws from his safeguarded spot behind the counter. If you say "Chuckie" in a VERY high and squeaky voice, you might get a tail wag or two!

CMO - Chief Mutt Officer/Director of Diversity - Shirley

Shirley proves that you can be beautiful even if you’re not a purebred. In fact, we defy you to define Shirley’s breed mix. We can’t. But she’s a beautiful young lady (pup) nonetheless. And Shirley loves all breeds. Just ask Trixie, the 1.7lb Toy Yorkie, or Kane, the 170+ Mastiff, 2 of her best friends, if you want proof.

PPP - Pickles

Pickles is the newest member of our organization. She joins us as the President of Puppy Products. We now have our own tester for the products that can withstand heavy chewing and shredding during the teething process. When she's not chewing, playing or peeing, she's sleeping..and doesn't she do it well?

Click on photos below to view videos. (Windows Media Player)

  Pickles and Dalmation Pickles and Einstein Pickles and Ashe

CFO - Josh

CFO - Josh

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of our Chief Food Officer (CFO), Josh. Josh joined us in 1997 at age 8 from a previous assignment in Rockford, IL. A miniature American Eskimo with a heart of gold, he provided us with many hours of laughter, love and joy in addition to his food-rating assignment with Soggy Paws. Josh would (with gusto) eat just about anything while standing up, sitting down and, eventually, lying down. Josh loved everyone, especially if they had treats. He had many adventures with us including plane trips cross-country, skunk-hunting, and a night in doggy jail, just to name a few. He leaves behind a sad household, but one which has been enriched by his amazing attitude and devotion.

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