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Soggy Paws named


by Chicago Magazine


Read about it here!

Voted #1 Groomer in Chicago

In the 2009 Best of Reader's Choice Awards, Chicagoland Tails readers voted Soggy Paws as Chicago's #1 Groomer!! Read more of the categories and winners at the link above.


Chad Lopez and his dog, Guinness, both from The UrbanMutt, stopped by our Logan Square store to see what makes Soggy Paws special. Click the "play" button below to view a video of their recent visit to our
Logan Square Soggy Paws:


Even the vet offers a logo bag — with a discount

By Lisa Bertagnoli
Nov. 02, 2009

Reusable shopping bags aren't only good for the environment: At some small retail businesses, they're good for a discount, too.

(Read more by clicking on image to the right.)





Who let my peeps out? from Jen Knoedl on Vimeo.



Columnist Sandra Guy of the Chicago Sun-Times contacted us about a series of stories she was doing on the South Loop area of Chicago. Why did some businesses make it while others didn't...why we were expanding while so many stores were closing. Read "Barks Beat Economy's Bite" here in .pdf.




Chicago Public Radio invites you to contribute to a new collection of sound—from the sounds of the city to the sounds of the prairie. SOUNDMARKS, derived from the word “landmark,” serve to identify sounds which are unique to an area. They are short segments broadcast during moments between programming throughout the day, and aim to share the sounds of the diverse people and places that make up our community. Click here to hear the Sounds of Soggy Paws. 



Chicagoland Tails

"Cat Fancy , Can two city kitties learn to enjoy the occasional bath?"
Jason A. Heidemann, Executive Editor of Chicagoland Tails, visited Soggy Paws with his two kitties in tow to give them self-washes.

How did they fare?  Read about it here in .pdf format.



Pet Product News, a noted industry magazine, devoted a storyline in the April 2007 issue to the subject of Self-Service Dog Washes. Paul and several of his colleagues across the country share their views on business design, trends, customers and future plans.

Feel like reading about us even more?
Click Scrub a Dub Dub in .pdf format




  Voted #1 Groomer in Chicago

In the 2006 Best of Reader's Choice Awards, Chicagoland Tails readers voted Soggy Paws as Chicago's #1 Groomer!! Read more of the categories and winners at the link above.


  Best "No Frills Grooming"

Time Out Chicago surveyed the Chicagoland area for the best "No Frills" and "Frou Frou" spots in a variety of categories.  We were voted best for "no frills grooming."  Click here to see Soggy Paws in Time Out Chicago.


  Clockwise: Dr. Debbye Turner, Lucy, Bart, Kevin, Paul and ShirleyKitty Kindergarten on CBS News

In August, in conjunction with Tree House Animal Foundation, Soggy Paws was host to Steve Dale of Pet Central as he conducted his third Kitty Kindergarten class with us.  Covering the story for CBS News' The Early Show was Debbye Turner, DVM 



Doggie Do-Over Contest

From Summer 2006 Chicagoland Tails:

"Stitch was the winner of our Doggie Do Over contest. We asked Tails readers to submit photographs and stories about why they thought their canine friend deserved a makeover. Stitch was paws down the winner.  He spent a balmy Saturday afternoon in the hands of a Soggy Paws' grooming expert and received a new wardrobe courtesy of Urban Hund. Look at this fabulous pup now!"              


Before and After

photos taken by Dana Centola






The second annual Doggie Passover Seder at Soggy Paws featuring Evanger's Dog Food was featured in the Chicago Jewish News. To see the story, click here. 


  The Soggy Paws gang was up bright and early for a special visit from Nancy Loo from Fox News in the Morning.
Check out the footage:
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The May 19-26th edition of Time Out Chicago's "Check Out" section highlights do-it-yourself washes, including Soggy Paws.

Check out the coverage here.




On Wednesday, April 27th, Soggy Paws hosted our second Doggie Passover Seder featuring Evanger's Dog Food which has been blessed by the Chicago Rabbinical Council as Kosher for Passover. To see the Chicago Tribune article on the first seder, click here.



You know that little 'feel good' spot news programs show each night just before they sign off? Well, Soggy Paws was featured on CBS 2 News Chicago on April 27th when they stopped by to film our Doggie Passover Seder.
View the clip:

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PET AGE magazine, a top industry publication, featured a story in their February, 2005 issue entitled "How to Scrub Pups Without a Tub."  Soggy Paws was contacted because of our reputation for administering doggie facials. Kevin's comments are peppered throughout this article. The accompanying story photo is even one of our customers - Crash!

Read excerpts of the article here.

PET AGE printed an article in their June, 2005 issue, located in their "Groom & Board" section, entitled: "How to Choose Odor-Removing Shampoos."  Paul was quoted while discussing the Espree line of shampoos that Soggy Paws uses:

"At Soggy Paws (Chicago), owner Paul Rathe says Espree's approach is exactly what his clients are looking for. "We use Espree's...Shampoos exclusively.  They have natural ingredients, and that's absolutely important to us, " Rathe said. "[Espree's Energee Plus shampoo] deodorizes and degreases, especially when someone comes in with a super-dirty dog that has rolled around in something or perhaps gotten nervous and expressed its [anal] glands."



Soggy Paws is featured in the June, 2005 issue of Chicago Style magazine in the "What's Hot" section - one of "23 reasons why we love Chicago."  CS is available for free all around Chicago.

Soggy Paws in Chicago Style Magazine

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